My Personal Style Project

My Personal Style Project

Projecting my personal style into a look book.

I got to discover my style these far few months. It’s definitely made it easier when taking pictures and doing post-production because now I know my direction and what I’m aiming for when taking pictures and editing my work. Some weeks ago I got to work on my branding where I came up with a logo and colors for my brand among other things.

Now I’m going to be creating a look book. The purpose of this look book will be o showcase some of the favorite and greatest images I took these past 7 weeks. This look book I will show to clients to help them get an idea of my look and quality. The Look book will have images related to high fashion, portraits, and product photography to showcase my skills. It’s been eventful the last couple of weeks getting everything together from getting models and products to photograph to choosing which images will work best.

I created a Mock-up that gives an idea of the kind of pictures I will use. The pictures in this Mock-up were taken by me.





Below are some of the Images I plan to use in my Look Book… Enjoy.

Take a look at this website that talks more about photography branding,What%20is%20Photography%20Branding%3F,customer%20service%20is%20your%20brand.


Landscape & Wildlife


Beautiful scenes from our local area.

If you’ve never been to Idaho and visited Yellow Stone National park or GrandTeton National park to name a few great scenes of the area. I would definitely recommend your bless your eyes with these extraordinary scenes. 

I recently got the opportunity to travel with a group of photographers. I below I will share some pictures from the trip. 




This image was taken in Yellow Stone where were got to see some beautiful geysers and the beautiful earthy colors that surround them. This image was taken right as the sun had come out after a day of cloudiness

This image is of some Swans we saw along the way. They were just cruising on their way enjoying the water and the sun. It definitely was an extraordinary scene especially for me since I have never seen them before. 

I’ve never taken an image like this before, so definitely love it. This was taken at Jenney’s Lake. 

This last one is my absolute favorite. I love the colors and leading lines it makes me proud to be a photographer. The sunset was so beautiful this image does not even do justice. 

For more landscape photography information look at this website.

Fashion Photoshoot

Fashion Photoshoot: Buildings and brands 


Admiring surroundings 


Sometimes at a photo shoot, we might admire our surroundings while working with a subject but do we actually take pictures too of the surrounding we just admired? I always find myself taking landscapes while my model changes into a new outfit. 

For our fashion photoshoot, our venue was a barn so alot of old buildings and hay. These are the images I came up with. 


This second part is about brands I added some famous pictures to some of my pictures where my models were with a product. 

The first image the model is posing with a Honda car and in the image below you can see the logo added. 

The second image is a model with some perfume and I decided to add the Chanel go and it came out really good.

For more tips on fashion photography

Fashion Photoshoot

Fashion Photoshoot: Pairs


Two smiles are better than one. 


We had the opportunity to take pictures of pairs and couples. I personally think two smiles are better than one as a photographer and through these images, I got to capture that. Disclaimer All images are taken and edited by me. I even help people and models plan outfits and poses. 

It’s really great to see it all have a great outcome and the teamwork between the photographer and model makes the dream work. 


More infor about fashion photoshoots on this website

Fashion Photoshoot

Fashion Photoshoot: The Women


Elegant times 


I had a great time capturing the beauty and power of these wonderful women. The images include women wearing their cultural attire. This made the images look elegant powerful. 

The color in these images is incredible and made the image what it became. I had asked on of the models to wear her cultural attire because I thought it would be something different the second model decided on her own to wear her cultural attire. 

See the images below. 



This is Tolu a very great and natural model. She’s from Nigeria a country on the West of Africa and this is her cultural attire 

This is melissa from India and this is her cultural attire.

Learn more about fashion photography at









Fashion Photoshoot

Fashion Photoshoot


A memorable time.


A few weeks ago a team of photographers and I did a fashion photoshoot. Where we featured models male and female. This was done at Emmlee’s barn situation just outside time. Our models were natural and great at posing which made the job easy for us. 

We used eternal and natural light and took pictures indoor and outdoor these first set of images from the shoot showcase the men’s part from our male models. We were grateful to have Emalee’s barn as our venue as it played a great part in our fashion photoshoot. 

See images below from the men’s part. 


See this website that talks about fashion photoshoots

Macro Photography

Macro Photography


See some food and still life macro’s 

Macro photography is the more complex of the different categories of photography for me. There’s a certain skill it takes to photograph Macro’s and have them come out beautiful. 

For the Macro’s on this post a used a wide-angle lens which helps a lot with Macro. I also had some external lights to help bring light as the room I was in was a bit dark.

My images include as you see below some objects, fruits, and flowers.  




Here’s a website that talks more about Macro photography.

Adding Color LUT to Images

Adding Color to images on Photoshop


I love color in pictures and this is a great way to do it. 

This was done in photoshop by creating a new layer on your image and going to color lookup. I tested a few colors before I found one that worked well with my image. I also found that the color that I used worked well with my look. 

You will see a before and after. The original image was from a fashion photoshoot I recently did. For the final image, the LUT that I chose was DropBlues.3DL 


Here’s some info on a website that did something similar.

Textured Background

Textured Background to an Image 


The process of adding texture to an image I took.

Learning this skill was worth the time. Below you will see the before of this image I took before I add a textured background. The original image is from a fashion photoshoot I did a few weeks ago I decided to use it as a portrait in this section. 





I took the image into photoshop to add a textured background. I then found a textured background from a free website called I then picked one that worked with my image. After that, I went into photoshop and blended the two y creating a new layer and blending the two using the brush.

See the results below!  

Here’s a website where they explain more about different ways to do this.

Balance the Light

Balance The Light 


Using natural and external light to balance images 

Light is a photograph’s key ingredient—it’s literally the only reason an image can exist. Without light, there is no photograph. The most basic and important form of light is natural light, generally referring to any light created by sunlight.

I took three pictures exposed at different light settings this was taken using natural light the last image was taken with the assistance of external light. 

The first image shows a blown out sky and a well-exposed face. The second image shows a well-exposed sky. The third image shows a well-exposed sky and face and we call this balancing the light. 

See Images below




Take a look at this website that talks more about balancing flash and natural light.