Food Photoshoot

Food Photography


A photoshoot from my apartment.

I have not done a lot of food photography all I know is that it just has to look good enough to want to eat right there and then. for my food photography, I chose apples and sprayed some water for them to look appetizing. I used natural light and a big aperture since this was indoor.

see image below




Indoor Product Photos

Indoor Product Photos


Two product photos from my apartment.

You can take photos from anywhere as long as you position yourself and your products in the right place where there is enough light and a good angle. I chose two products first a loreal products and a white mug. for the first one below I chose natural coming from the window as my source of light. In the picture as well is a plant that I spray with water along with the product. 



My second image is of a mug as a product and in it are some eggs and some twigs. I used white paper as a background and it went well with the white mug and white eggs. I then had two external lights one in front of the product and one to the right of it placed the set up on a table and took the shot. 

see image below

Outdoor Product Photos

Natural light and Products 


This was an outdoor product photoshoot.

I got the opportunity to take photos of two products. All I need was the products, background, and natural light. Since I was already outside I was happy to use nature and all it had to offer. My first product was a watch which I decided to place on a piece of wood, adjust my camera settings, and let natural light do the rest. The images were taken with a wide lens. 




The second product I chose was headphones, I love these very much and was happy to photography them. I was lucky to find some burned wood and make it the background which matched with the black color of the headphones. This was also taken with a wide lens. I loved taking these outdoor product photos and I’ll always be a big fan of natural light.

My Brand

Creating my Brand


Branding is defining who or what your goal is through color and words.

Branding is important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on your clients, but it allows them to know what to expect from you. I love branding because I feel like it defines my work in color and words. 

There are a lot of things to consider from a logo, to brand color, fonts, media, and so on. Coming up with my logo was fun. The idea comes from my name Wanda Capture and my favorite animal is an eagle so the logo features an eagle flying down to capture something and I capture images. The colors of my brand are featured in my brand as well. 

Below is an image of my Logo 




Brand Colors 

For the next thing, I had to consider brand colors. I needed a style and look for my images luckily for me I determined that very quickly. I love rich colors in my pictures in the way I take them and edit them. I especially love warm rich colors, so for my brand colors, I used oranges and reds, and blacks.

Brand Fonts 

Below are the fonts I chose to use. I liked them because they stood out for me and go with the look of my brand. 

The first is the heading font and the second is for body text. 




It’s important to know what you will charge for every service or product. I had to sit down and determine what services I offer and according to the target market and area how I would determine my pricing.

Below is an image of my pricing. 


OSES: Ordinary Spot, Extraordinary Shot


How can we take everyday scenes and objects and make them ordinary?

This was challenging in a great way. Every day we pass by objects and scenes but never think to try to see them in a creative extraordinary way. The challenge was to think of angels and lighting that could somehow make them look extraordinary. Take a before and after image and change the scene to an extraordinary one!


Below is an image I started with. I took this while on a hike it shows a bird view angle of a stream of water.

Below is the before and after.


The image below is of one of the SQIBB images I took and the set up for it is the image above. As you can see it was taken during the daytime. Using a single flash, a fast shutter speed, and some friends it was my first time trying this process but so worth learning because now I can use it in my photography.

The model Is dress in a headpiece that the Zulu men in the Zulu tribe in South Africa wore to war during the 1700s. The day I took this picture it was Heritage day in South Africa a day to celebrate cultures, and the Zulu tribe is my culture. 

The next set of images are of a waterfall and these show the before and after. It’s interesting to see what you can do today with software. I never was a big fan of post-editing but having seen how it enhances the beauty of an image I have grown to like it, but my lifelong dream is to still take pictures that don’t need editing. 

Movie Poster

Favorite Movie Recreated: Movie Poster 


I recreated a movie poster of one of my favorite movies.


The process of this was as exciting as the idea when it came to mind. For this image I placed my camera on a tripod taking a self-portrait, I had to make sure my outfit was similar to the actor on the movie poster. I had to make sure I had a similar facial expression to her too. I had two external lights one in front of me and the other on my left. I slowed down the shutter speed to let in more as the room darker than I anticipated and adjusted the flashes. Once I got a good shot I took it into post-production where I blacked out the background added the movie text and saved it. I had lots of fun and was happy with the outcome.